Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365.

There are many finishes/colors of reclaimed wood available. How do I know which finish/color works best in my home?

When Choosing the right reclaimed wood finish you must keep in mind that the reclaimed wood must pull from the paint color of your wall. For example; having tan walls and picking a grey reclaimed wood. The result of course would not be the desirable.

Is it important to match the color of my flooring?

No, although don’t pick a reclaimed wood that is too much of a match to the flooring! In addition, brown floors with grey accent walls works well. See our gallery for ideas.

I am not sure whether I should do a “Floating Accent Wall” or a full “Accent Wall”? (complete wall)

This is personal preference, although the bigger the Accent Wall the bigger the impact!

Not sure whether the floating Accent Wall should start and end?

In most cases, the open space on the left side of your Accent Wall should equal to the empty space on the right hand side of your Accent Wall.

How is the wood applied?

The planks are secured to the sheet-rock with an 18 gauge Brad Nail Gun & Compressor. 1.75″ Brads are recommended

Where do I start planking the wall? Top, bottom or middle of wall?

Start from the bottom left or right with a 5″ plank and work in a Z formation and alternating with one row of 5″ planks and several rows of 3″ planks till you get to the top.

Is the wood once it’s applied to the wall permanent? Can it be removed easily?

Yes, although there would be many pin holes on the wall once removed. These small holes can be easily filled with Spackle, use your finger and wipe a damp cloth.

How do I work around the outlets for electricity?

Simply, remove the face-plate, then remove the two screws that hold the outlet into the junction box and later replace with longer machine screws once the reclaimed wood in in place.These longer screws are needed in order to build out the wall around the outlets. Make sure you utilize the same thickness of wood around the outlet(s) so the face-plate can be secured in a flush manner.

How do I bury the HDMI & Electric to the TV in the wall?

Cut holes in wall, one behind the TV to be hung and the other behind the TV Media Console Table. Make sure your HDMI cables & electric cable to the TV are long enough to fish though the walls. 8′-10′ HDMI lengths are recommended.

Can I choose 5”planks instead of a combination of 3” & 5” planks?

Yes, you can do all 5″ or 3″ planks if you prefer, but from my own experience a combination will always look best!

Are the ends of the planks finished? (stained)

Yes, and touch up stain will be included with your order.

If there any additional concerns or questions that need to be addressed we are here to help and happy planking. You would be glad you did!!

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