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On July 4th 2018 my eldest child, Ari, was diagnosed with a benign PXA brain tumor in his left rear hemisphere and adjacent to his cerebral cortex. Ari was operated on twice and believed that he would undergo radiation and chemotherapy to kill off the remaining cells left behind after the operation. Ari suffered from ongoing Grand Mal seizures every week for about six straight months. His last seizure was an Epileptic type in which Doctors could not get it to stop. His team of specialists suggested that Ari should be put into an induced coma. After about two weeks of this induced coma, Ari, my beloved son at the young age of 26 was pronounced deceased on Jan 7th, 2019.



Our successful retail/wholesale business together was called Let’s Stone It/LSI Reclaimed Wood where we manufactured and installed reclaimed wood planks on accent walls.

The most wonderful gift a father can have is to work side by side with his son and watch our dreams become reality. Ari worked continuously post surgery as his passion to work could never be extinguished!



Ari is not only my son and business partner he truly became my devoted very best friend. Our driven passion together was equal from its infancy stage to where it is now. Ari’s ultimate goal was to sell our reclaimed wood throughout North America.



With the help of Ari’s siblings, his sister Sydney, younger brother Sam and all of the praise from our wonderful clients – we will continue to show just what a wonderful business Ari pursued while he was alive.  I Stephen, Ari’s father will keep his legacy alive through all of our crew’s dedication, commitment and determination. It’s been quite a journey and we feel his presence is with us each and every day. We are excited that you will be part of his dream as well.



** A portion of all proceeds from INTERNET sales will go directly to the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Miami – Miller School of Medicine, to benefit Dr. Jacques Marcos’ Research. http://neurosurgery.med.miami.edu/