Tips for Creating Your Own Barn Wood Accent Wall

Tips for Creating Your Own Barn Wood Accent Wall

Tips for Creating Your Own Barn Wood Accent Wall

Kelly, the home and lifestyle design coach behind the website Simple Home Simple Life loves reclaimed wood accent walls – and she is not alone. This stylish use of reclaimed wood continues to be a very popular trend in home décor. 

Part of the appeal is the versatility of reclaimed wood. “Reclaimed wood accent walls can look rustic or modern depending on how you use them,” she says in talking about tips on installing reclaimed wood plank walls.

But that isn’t even her favorite aspect of working with reclaimed planks. “What’s best about this trend is that it introduces a natural element in the home that immediately grounds us and connects us with nature,” she says.

How to Update Your Décor with Reclaimed Wood

Kelly brings out an important point. “The trick to wood plank walls is to keep it simple,” she advises. “Use reclaimed barn boards on only one feature wall in a room to keep the look simple yet make a statement. They look great as an accent wall in a bedroom or living room.”

But barn wood accent walls aren’t the only stylish use for reclaimed wood planks.  

“In the kitchen you might front face an island with barn wood or perhaps DIY a barn board backsplash,” Kelly says. “And barn boards are surprisingly stylish and functional in a bathroom as well.

But just because reclaimed wood can make an attractive addition to just about any room in your house, it doesn’t mean that you should install reclaimed wood planks throughout your home. “Use reclaimed wood walls sparingly but in strategic places, unless you want to go for the whole wood-rustic cabin feel,” Kelly says.

If you want some help deciding whether to go for a weathered oak reclaimed wood accent wall in the bedroom or giving your kitchen an update with rustic wood planks on the island, contact us!

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