Where Does All That Barn Wood Come From?

barn wood accent wall

Where Does All That Barn Wood Come From?

A beautiful barn wood accent wall makes a real statement in any home. But where does that beautifully distinctive barn wood come from? 

We like to think that part of the appeal of reclaimed wood planks is their ability to tell a story. In many cases, that story harkens back to the nation’s agricultural past. 

Reclaimed Wood from America’s Past

Repurposed wood is full of what some people would say are imperfections and other people would say is character. Much of it comes from barn wood, although old warehouses, mills and factories are also common sources. 

The wood that comes from these sources is processed – for example, old timbers may be cut down into more useable rustic wood planks. The type of wood used in the construction of barns was primarily based on the where the barn was being built. If it was near a pine forest, than pine planks would be used. If a stand of majestic oaks was nearby, then you might find sturdy oak rafters in an old barn. 

Whether it is weathered oak from a midwestern barn or rustic pine planks from an old warehouse, repurposed wood tells the story of a time in this country when wood was the primary building material. Chestnut, poplar and hickory trees also were used for the building of barns back in the 1800s. 

Many of the structures from which the wood is being harvested are now structurally unsound and, in fact, may pose a hazard to the communities in which they are located. In addition to the safety factor, by using reclaimed planks in your home reno projects you are reducing the need for harvesting lumber from today’s forests. 

The wood was used for siding, beams, joists, posts and decking in those old buildings are finding new life today in stunning home décor projects, ranging from barn wood accent walls to reclaimed wood paneling in a powder room. 

If you would like more information about how to create your own stunning home décor project using reclaimed wooden planks, please contact us.

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