4 Reasons Using Reclaimed Wood Is Good for the Planet

4 Reasons Using Reclaimed Wood Is Good for the Planet - Reclaimed Wood planks

4 Reasons Using Reclaimed Wood Is Good for the Planet

Reclaimed wood planks do more than add warmth and beauty to your home. Using reclaimed wood is a good choice for the environment.

At A&S Reclaimed Wood Planks, you will find authentic, hand-crafted reclaimed wood in a variety of 12 beautiful finishes, including Weathered Grey, Golden Oak and rich, dark Kona. We also offer a variety of widths and thicknesses. Whether you’re looking for reclaimed wood for an accent wall or for a custom door, our reclaimed wooden planks will provide texture and character – complete with nail holes, saw marks and other types of imperfections that will give your project the personality your space deserves.

Why Reclaimed Wood Is Such a Solid Choice

It’s easy to see the design benefits associate with using reclaimed wood planks in your home or office décor, but what about the environmental benefits. They may not be as visible to the casual observer, but they are significant.

  1. Reclaimed wood is essentially a recycled material. Recycling – whether it’s paper, plastic or wood – helps reduce the amount of waste being deposited in landfills across the country.
  2. The use of reclaimed wood planks reduces the need for freshly cut timber, which can cut down on deforestation and preserve precious natural habitats for threatened or endangered wildlife species.
  3. Using reclaimed wood planks also means you’re not using other products that may not be as environmentally friendly, such as carpeting or linoleum, which are often made from petroleum-based products and which can release potentially harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  4. If you want to use exotic woods or wood from old-growth forests, using reclaimed wood is the only environmentally friendly option.


Reclaimed wood planks come in a variety of finishes, widths and thicknesses. If you’ve been trying to decide whether you want the clean look of sun-bleached wood or the more rustic look reclaimed barn wood that’s for sale these days, consider ordering samples from A&S Reclaimed Wood. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us.

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