Decorate for the Holidays with Reclaimed Wood

Decorate for the Holidays with Reclaimed Wood - Reclaimed wood planks

Decorate for the Holidays with Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood planks can add a special touch to home décor any time of year, but during the holidays there’s even more magic to be found in the rustic charm of salvaged barnwood (it’s for sale, you don’t have to salvage the wood from a barn yourself – you have enough things to do during the holidays!)

As the experts at HGTV say, “Reclaimed wood is a beautiful and inexpensive way to bring rustic charm into your home during the holidays.”

Decorating the house for the holidays is such a great tradition. It brings some of the wonder and joy of the season into our homes. And every time you pull a treasured ornament or decoration out of the box, it can rekindle memories of previous holidays spent with family and friends.

Holiday Decorating with Reclaimed Wood

Among the Reclaimed Wood Holiday Decorating Ideas from HGTV are:

  • An Enchanting Chandelier: Here in South Florida, there are sure to be a lot of outdoor holiday parties this season. This charming DIY lighting fixture designed by Dan Faires and Brian Patrick Flynn could be just what you need to transform your outdoor living area into a winter wonderland (South Florida style!).  “Not only can this reclaimed wood chandelier be scaled up or down to fit any space, but it can also be spruced up to bring that warm twinkle to your holiday décor,” the experts at HGTV say.
  • Yuletide Yard Art: “From tracing the tree outline to applying the nails, the whole family can get involved in this wooden Christmas tree project,” HGTV says. “These rustic trees will make a fun and festive impact on everyone’s holiday spirit. Placing a spotlight at the base of each tree will complete the look.” HGTV even provides step-by-step instructions for the project designed by Dan Faires.


If you need reclaimed wood planks or reclaimed pine wood for your holiday decorating project or are wondering how much reclaimed wood costs, contact A&S Reclaimed Wood. We would be happy to help.

Happy Holidays!

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