Happy Thanksgiving from A&S Reclaimed Wood

Happy Thanksgiving from A&S Reclaimed Wood - reclaimed wood suppliers

Happy Thanksgiving from A&S Reclaimed Wood

Here at A&S Reclaimed Wood, we have much to be thankful for. We love our work! As reclaimed wood suppliers, we are able to share the beauty of reclaimed wooden planks with some very special people. And we’re definitely thankful for them, our wonderful clients!

It doesn’t take a national holiday for us to be reminded of how much we appreciate the people who come to us looking for reclaimed wood for sale that they can use in their kitchen renovation, the folks who have their heart set on creating an accent wall using reclaimed wood, or any of the other people who want to buy reclaimed wood online. 

A&S Reclaimed Wood Holiday Traditions

But what about the other things in our lives that we will be giving thanks for when we sit down to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner? Some of the folks who work at A&S Reclaimed Wood have a wonderful family tradition. Every year, while everyone is enjoying their turkey and favorite trimmings (did someone say mashed potatoes?!) they go around the table giving each person the chance to say what it is that they’re thankful for this year.

Common responses may be their health, a job promotion or simply having the family gathered together. Someone will probably mention the mashed potatoes at some point, or maybe Aunt Tilly’s sweet potato casserole or, perhaps, the pumpkin pie that is warming in the oven.

The tradition may have started as a way to demonstrate to the younger members of the family the true meaning of the holiday. Maybe it has lingered on, becoming a way to share good news with family and let everyone know that life is good.

But whether you give thanks as part of a family tradition or in the quiet moments of the day when you’re alone with your thoughts, chances are it adds something lovely to your Thanksgiving celebration. Some people would say it adds meaning (neither man nor woman can live by mashed potatoes alone!), some say it helps to bring people closer together. Whatever it is, we hope it brings you joy.

All of us at A&S Reclaimed Wood will be thinking of you and your families on Thanksgiving. We hope you enjoy a warm and wonderful holiday (and lots of turkey, stuffing and, of course, mashed potatoes!). And you can be sure that we will go right on being grateful for everyone who appreciates the beauty of our reclaimed wood planks throughout the year.

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