Inspiring Décor Ideas Using Reclaimed Wood Planks

Inspiring Décor Ideas Using Reclaimed Wood Planks

Inspiring Décor Ideas Using Reclaimed Wood Planks

There’s a reason why reclaimed wood planks have become such a popular feature in both residential and commercial design. Actually, there are several reasons why people love to be in spaces with reclaimed wood, ranging from sustainability to wellness – and of course, beauty.

Another plus – reclaimed wood is as versatile as it is popular. People have enhanced homes, offices and coffee shops with a variety of creative ideas utilizing reclaimed wooden planks, including:

  • Feature walls
  • Kitchen islands
  • Flooring


A Southern Approach to Reclaimed Wood

The design experts at Southern Living shared some ideas that you might not have thought of. “It’s no secret we love working with reclaimed wood and materials. It’s an instant way to add charm and patina to spaces,” they say.

Here are some of their favorites:

  • A traditional front door made using reclaimed wood makes a real statement. Pair it with a new façade, the magazine says, and you’ll create an entryway that isn’t stuffy or understated.
  • Reclaimed wood planks can be “an unexpected take on typical kitchen flooring,” Southern Living says. Try using a mix of different sizes of reclaimed wooden planks for a truly unique look.
  • “Custom sliding barn doors add needed texture against smooth painted walls,” the magazine’s experts say. Reclaimed wood is also a good choice for pocket doors, they add.
  • You may have seen reclaimed wood planks used as shelves, but have you seen them used as open shelving in front of a window? Southern Living recommends that you, “Place open shelves against a breathtaking view that won’t hinder your daydreaming; these shelves will show off your dishes, too.”
  • They also say you can, “Warm up your dining room with a large, welcoming table fit with full-of-character, textured wood.”


From Inspiration to Implementation

Of course, with the selection of finishes and planks that you’ll find at A&S Reclaimed Wood, you probably aren’t going to run short on ideas yourself.  If you have questions or would like to discuss whether you should go with reclaimed pine wood or go for the look of rustic barn wood, our sales professionals would be happy to talk to you. Just call 954-393-0445.

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