Reclaimed Wood Is Just One Way of Upcycling

Reclaimed Wood Is Just One Way of Upcycling - reclaimed wooden planks

Reclaimed Wood Is Just One Way of Upcycling

Here at A&S Reclaimed Wood, we love giving new life to things – especially reclaimed wooden planks, reclaimed pine wood and rustic barn wood. But there are lots of other things that can be cleaned up and put to good use in fun and interesting ways.

 There are many reasons to upcycle the things that are lying around your house or waiting to be discovered at a thrift store. They’re the same benefits you’ll get from using reclaimed wood: 

  • It saves money. Why buy new when, for the cost of a few DIY supplies you can have something that you made yourself.
  • It’s better for the planet. Anytime we can reduce the amount of material that goes into our landfills, it’s a win for the environment.
  • It can flex your creative muscle. It sometimes takes a little imagination to give something new life. 


Upcycling Inspiration

 The folks at HGTV, of course are masters at this stuff. Believe it or not, they turned an old rake into a jewelry display and an ice cube tray into a fun way to serve munchies for a picky little eater.

 We thought some of their ideas for new ways to use your old stuff might inspire your next upcycling project. Here are a couple of our favorite examples of upcycling from HGTV:

 Mobile and Mess-Free Storage

“Don’t throw out an old plastic bin just when it starts to show some wear and tear,” HGTV says. “Instead, cover it with durable jute rope and add metal casters to create your own mobile toy box.”

 Entryway Shutter Catchall

HGTV credits Holly Marsh with the idea of turning a vintage shutter she found at a local thrift store into a clever organizational system. She hung the shutter by backdoor, which her family apparently uses the most. “Then, she placed S hooks and clothespins on the wooden slats to hold everyone’s keys and outgoing mail, invitations and other important memos,” HGTV reports. “An old wooden box below keeps often-worn shoes contained, too.”

 If you have plenty of ideas but need some beautiful reclaimed wood planks to bring your vision to life, A&S Reclaimed Wood can help! Call us at 954-393-0445.

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