Upcycling Projects: Reclaimed Wood Is Just the Beginning

Upcycling Projects: Reclaimed Wood Is Just the Beginning

Upcycling Projects: Reclaimed Wood Is Just the Beginning

Using reclaimed wood planks to bring warmth and beauty to your home is one of a number of ways that you can reuse and recycle materials to enhance your home’s décor. 

Reclaimed wooden planks are ideal for flooring. You can also create a piece of art or an entire accent wall with reclaimed wood.  But that’s only the beginning of what is possible when you upcycle materials. 

In one weekend, you could give some old furniture you have around the house new life, get those old shutters out of the garage and put them to good use or head out to the thrift store or flea market in search of a diamond in the rough.  

Weekend Upcycling Projects

We turned to the design experts at HGTV for some creative – and practical ways to upcycle your old stuff. As you might expect, they had no shortage of ideas! “The key to upcycling is being able to see the beauty in an old, damaged piece of furniture,” they say. In one example, they show an old dresser that had been found at a flea market and repurposed as a charming, one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity.  

Here are some more great ideas from HGTV:

  • Porch Rail Coat Rack: As HGTV’s pros point out, “An old porch rail works great as a functional coat rack for a mudroom or kid’s room. All it needs is fresh paint and hooks.”
  • Door Knocker Knobs: Do you have some old door knockers lying around? If not, keep an eye out for some distinctive ones at the flea market. “Bring them indoors by giving them new purpose as knobs on your bathroom vanity or kitchen cabinets,” HGTV suggests.
  • Shutter Headboard: “Layla Palmer [The Lettered Cottage] added visual height to her bedroom by placing old wooden shutters behind her bed. To give them a coastal, cottage look, paint them in fresh, light colors. For added visual effect, alternate the colors of each shutter.”
  • Mason Jar Lanterns: “Creating a soft, intimate glow in your yard is simpler than you think,” HGTV says. “To illuminate your outdoor space, place tea light candles in Mason jars and hang them with shepherd’s hooks.”


“Upcycling can be as simple as placing a frame around an architectural object, bringing new life to it as a stunning piece of art,” the design pros at HGTV explain. As an example, they showed some rustic barn wood that was probably for sale at a country flea market that had been framed and hung above a bed to create a focal point.

If you have plenty of ideas, but need some beautiful reclaimed wood to bring your vision to life, A&S Reclaimed Wood Planks can help!

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